What do we mean by DNA Testing

What do we mean by DNA testing? We all might have seen TV forensic shows’ conducting such test based on the blood samples, strand of hair, tooth brush etc. but mostly the test is undertaken to establish the paternity of a person.

Paternity means that with this test, authorities will get the result whether the person who is claiming to be the father of a child is actually the child’s real father or not. Most of the times, such tests are conducted during the custody of a child when the parents file for a divorce. Let us provide you with an example. There was a case where a child was born to a couple who was having problems speaking. He was found to be stammering during his speech when both the parents could speak without stammering. The father was curious to know how this happened and requested for a DNA test to be conducted. After the test, it was found out that the father was not the actual parent of the child. He was the child of his wife’s lover who too had a stammering problem while speaking.

This is how the DNA tests are conducted. It does not only mean paternity identification but also maternity and siblingship can be conducted through DNA Test. The results of a DNA test can take about 5 working days. For a small extra fee there are some laboratories that deliver the report within 3 working days. The report is mostly sent to the recipient by mail.

Many people fear approaching a lab to conduct a DNA test for the fear that their secrets can be revealed to the outside world. Therefore, these days there is a DNA testing kit available in many medical stores where they can get the result from the comforts of their home.

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