Three Popular misconception regarding DNA Tests

The different uses of the DNA tests have caught the attention of the public big time. DNA testing has become big business and television programs like crime scene investigation and popular soaps regularly seem to feature DNA tests forming the base of thrilling story lines. Such television programs can indeed be informative but many a times the public tend to believe that such dna tests can help solve a lot of life’s troubles and seem to have a lot of misconceptions in mind regarding such dna tests.

Here are the two most popular misconceptions-

1- People usually tend to believe that they need to have a blood sample taken to get a DNA test done. Dna tests have undergone a lot of advancement over the years and unlike earlier you do not need to get across family members to the laboratory to have the test conducted. The DNA testing system has progressed to such an extent that you can order in a home testing kit and collect the samples yourself by simply following the easy instructions given. After which you are supposed to send the kit back to the lab to have it tested. You will then have the reports either couriered or e-mailed to you as per your preference or you can even go and have the reports picked from the lab. Infact easier still DNA testing at high end laboratories can be done even with dirty ear buds or strands of hair.

2. People usually are of the opinion that DNA testing is expensive and difficult to get done and that is only meant for the high profile. The fact is that any general physician can refer you to a pathology lab that conducts DNA testing and the test is not just cheap but the results are also fast and valid to be produced in the court as evidence if you need to.

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