Importance of DNA testing

Today, it has been found out that DNA testing is gaining popularity for helping catch criminals and also helps in establishing family relationships. When we speak about family relationships, it is mostly related to paternity test through a device known as DNA paternity test.

The question is why DNA testing services are more popular than blood tests and various other tests to determine paternity. Here are some of the main reasons why DNA test is considered to be more favorable as compared to other tests. Some of them are –

1- `DNA is individual concerned – Isn’t it great to know that no two DNA is the same across the globe. Yes, each one of us has our own DNA and it is different from the rest of the people across the whole world including your immediate family members such as your parents, siblings etc. It is like our very own ‘SERIAL NUMBER’.

2- DNA Samples – As compared to other means of identifying the identity of a person such as blood tests and other methods of testing, taking a sample of a DNA is very easy. Infact, there is no need to prick in a syringe to take out blood from our body. A DNA test can be conducted even from our saliva or strand of our hair and hence, it is very easy while checking out the DNA of a small child.

3- Paternity Tests – DNA tests often provides 99.99% accuracy when paternity test has to be administered to a person. This is possible even when the father of the child is not cooperating or is unwilling to undergo a DNA test. By closely taking the DNA from his close family members, the results can be obtained whether the relationship does really exist.

With so much accuracy, the DNA test is considered to be the best test to find out the paternity of a father and a child.

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