Home paternity test

DNA is the short for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, a type of nucleic acid which provides genetic instructions regarding living organisms. How would you like it when a strand of your hair determines your relationship with your parents? Well, that is exactly the duty of a DNA. It helps in determining the relationship of a parent to their children. It means that each one of us has a unique DNA which is different from the rest of the people in the world. It is something like a unique serial code number that is given to each and every individual in the world.

Many parents these days ask for DNA tests to be conducted on them during a legal battle with their spouse to claim their children. The best part of DNA testing is that it is completely harmless and unlike a blood test where doctors insert a syringe to draw out the blood, a DNA test can be conducted using a patient’s strand of hair or even their saliva. That is all that is required to determine the relationship between a parent and their children. The results are generated in about 5 working days.

These days there are home DNA testing kits available. This will help parents take the DNA test in privacy without the need to go through visits to a hospital which can cause a bit of embarrassment. Most of the times a father does not wish that anyone else know that he is undergoing a DNA test and hence getting it done in the privacy of their homes is the best option in such cases. Once the test is conducted, all what you have to do is send the sample to the lab via post. The results will be mailed to you once completed which will be 100% accurate and provide you with peace of mind.

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