Home DNA Kit

Many a times people are often seen to be reluctant in providing their samples in a laboratory to conduct a DNA test. The main reason for this is because of the fact that they are afraid to share their private and personal information in public. As we all know that a DNA test is mostly conducted to check the paternity of a parent during the custody of their children in case of a divorce or during the time of a crime. And hence, getting the tests conducted in public labs makes it more vulnerable to exposure.

In order to avoid such type of embarrassing situation eradicate forever, home DNA kits have been made available. These kits are available at all leading medical stores across the globe. Even if someone is feeling shy to purchase the kit from a medical store, they can order these kits from online stores across the world. The delivery will be done within 3-4 days from the date of payment. This will mean that nobody will know who has purchased this kit.

But the million dollar question is – which DNA kit is better while choosing online. Here are a few points to be taken into consideration.

1- ISO 17025 – Make sure that all DNA test kits purchased online have been accredited by ISO 17025 certificate. This will mean that the DNA kit has passed through strict quality control.
2- Member of AABB Parentage – All DNA test kits must be a member of the AABB Parentage Accreditation program. This is an international accreditation program which all DNA test kits will have to pass through.
3- Collection – All online DNA test kits must mention whether their company will be willing to send their representatives to collect the sample from the place where the DNA test is being carried out. If the online company does not have such services, avoid purchasing such DNA kits.

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