DNA Testing basics

We all know that each one of us has a unique DNA pattern which we acquire from our biological parents. The DNA is the same as their genetic code and hence whenever a father wish to find out the paternity of their child, a DNA testing is conducted which will prove that the child is their biological son or daughter.

The accuracy rate of a DNA is considered to be 99.99% and therefore its results can never go wrong, even if the parents request for a second DNA, the result will be the same. Today, everything seems to be based on trust and more couples seem to loose the trust which each one of them had when they tie a knot or when they begin to know each other. As the time passes by, things tend to change and the once trusted partner becomes the most untrustworthy. That is the reason why these days a paternity test is gaining popularity since each partner does not believe that the child belongs to them.

This also helps not only within relationships but also when it comes to property related disputes to find out whether the child who is claiming to be the heir to a particular property actually is a biological child or not. A DNA test is conducted with utmost secrecy and the results are out within 5 working days. Anyone cannot just go ahead and get a DNA test conducted on their child. It has to follow certain procedures. Most of the time, it is conducted when the court gives an order to find out the paternity of a child during a custodial process between husband and wife. Each country will have it’s own laws for allowing parents conduct a paternity test.

Today, to ensure more privacy, DNA testing kit is available in the stores which will help parents find out the paternity of their child within the comforts of their homes.

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