DNA Testing and its Use in Today’s Society

A DNA test is often conducted to get some vital and genuine information relating to anything – such as a crime, trace family, to prove innocence in the court of law, genetic testing or even to find out the paternity of a person. Let us find out how a DNA test helps the society.

DNA and Forensic Science – When it comes to Forensic Science, a DNA fingerprint is made use of widely. Basically it is used to find out the suspect of a particular crime by making use of semen, blood, saliva, hair samples etc. DNA fingerprinting can be carried out in various methods such as Short Tandem Repeats (STR), amplified fragment length polymorphism (AmpFLP), RFLP analysis and polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

DNA and Paternity Test – These tests are conducted to find out whether a particular child is the real daughter or son of the parents who claim to be their parents. The DNA is taken of both the parents and that of the child and matched. These days many parents are embarrassed to go to a DNA test center to find out their DNA report. Therefore, to free them from such embarrassing situations, there are DNA home kits available where you can get the test done at home itself and the samples have to be couriered to a local laboratory where the report will be again couriered back to you once the samples have been tested.

DNA and genetic disorders – DNA also helps in finding out different types of illnesses, ancestry and diseases among others.

The best part of a DNA testing is that unlike other types of testing, such as a blood test, a patient does not have to undergo the pain of a syringe in order to provide blood. DNA tests can be easily conducted by just making use of a human being’s strand of hair or even their saliva.

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