DNA testing- an advance revolution in biomedical field

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is situated in the nucleus of cell that builds up the body. Therefore, DNA is thought to be the building block of the body.

Procedure of DNA Testing
Generally a person gives a blood sample for DNA test; it is taken out from the white blood cells. But for few DNA tests, a scrub from inside of the cheek is taken. After separating, scientists search for the genes located at the DNA string. This specialized type of testing can only be done by special laboratories for genetic testing.

The purpose of DNA testing
DNA is the genetic material and building-block. With the advent of DNA testing, DNA has been used to identify, classify and diagnose. The useful functions of DNA testing are constantly growing and it is used worldwide for scientific and non-scientific areas.

1. To identify Paternity
DNA test is usually used to identify the paternity in those cases when a man refuses being the father of child. To identify the maternity, sometimes women are also taken this test.
2. for Criminal Investigation
DNA is used by forensic investigation teams, police and the law enforcement agencies to match the blood of the suspects for proof and to identify the victims. At the crime scene the blood could come from body cells i.e. hair, sperm cells or blood cells.

3. to test Genetic disorder and carrier genes

Scientists use this test to find out change in some specific gene. This test helps to know that if might the risks of developing genetic disorder in family members. And also helps to identify any carrier gene to pass on the risks in the children.

4. for Diagnoses
DNA tests helps to test the genetic conditions or any birth disorder in parents and fetuses.

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