Different types of DNA tests

DNA Testing centers help patients determine the biological relationship between two persons. Some of the main tests that are conducted through DNA are DNA paternity test, DNA genealogy test, Anthropology test, sibling DNA testing and other minor services such as DNA banking, DNA detective testing, ID services among others.

This test is considered to be one of the most famous genetic testing services which help in confirming the paternity of not just a child but also of an unborn fetus. Most of the times, the DNA tests conducted are 99.9% precise which can also be used for legal purposes. Though DNA paternity tests are permitted legally in many courts across the world, it is advised to check with the local and state governments regarding the rules and regulations of your particular state.

DNA tests also help in establishing a person’s genealogy using genetic markers. Usually, there are 3 types of inheritance categories which these markers follows known as autosomal DNA line, maternal DNA line, paternal DNA line etc.

Sibling DNA tests are conducted to determine the genetic relationship of siblings which helps in establishing whether the children share the same parents. Most of the times, such tests are conducted when either of the parents claims that the child does not belong to their spouse. And such tests are usually conducted once they get the approval from the court.

DNA tests are conducted not only to find the paternity or the true identity of a person which is required not just to decide the paternity of a baby but also during trial as proof to convict murderers.

Today you can also find DNA testing Kit which helps a person performs a DNA test without the need to visit any laboratory. Everything is possible from the comforts of a home. This helps families protect their privacy.

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