Common uses of DNA testing

DNA is a small strand in the human body which contains million of secret information about living organisms. DNA testing is a technique used to find out these mysteries hidden within this DNA. Our characteristics, behavior, hair color, growth features and a lot of genetic information are stored in DNA.
The testing of DNA is utilized in hundreds of fields of life and providing benefits as their uses are uncountable. Here presenting some most common uses of DNA testing.
• It helps in solving various criminal cases. You must have watched a number of movies and dramas that DNA testing is used to solve the cases. It is used to identify dead bodies and to find out the truth about the body. Police and legal departments take benefit of this test.
• Due to the presence of parental and chromosomal information present in DNA, test reveals the relationships between people. If someone claims about that he/ she is your sister, brother, mother then it’s a simple test of DNA can give a clear answer of their queries. To solve family matters including child custody and migration cases this test has proven very helpful. The test also determines information about your origins genetically.
• Its uses are not limited to these two factors. New biomedical researchers are based on DNA testing. They use the fragments of DNA to find out the common diseases which a person can face in near future. On the basis of results and tests conducted, these diseases are cured in advance. Research is conducted beyond the imagination.
• DNA is also a part of the plants. Tests are conducted to figure out the growth rate and effects of weather condition on the plants.
With the passage of time this testing is utilized in almost every field of life and offering tremendous benefits to all living organisms.

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