DNA Test of an unborn child

Conducting the DNA test of an unborn child will provide the family with almost all the information about how the child will be born. This is done through a DNA test during the pregnancy period. With such advancement of technology, a DNA test can now be conducted even before the birth of a child. One […]

DNA Testing and its Use in Today’s Society

A DNA test is often conducted to get some vital and genuine information relating to anything – such as a crime, trace family, to prove innocence in the court of law, genetic testing or even to find out the paternity of a person. Let us find out how a DNA test helps the society. DNA […]

Home paternity test

DNA is the short for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, a type of nucleic acid which provides genetic instructions regarding living organisms. How would you like it when a strand of your hair determines your relationship with your parents? Well, that is exactly the duty of a DNA. It helps in determining the relationship of a parent to […]

Importance of DNA testing

Today, it has been found out that DNA testing is gaining popularity for helping catch criminals and also helps in establishing family relationships. When we speak about family relationships, it is mostly related to paternity test through a device known as DNA paternity test. The question is why DNA testing services are more popular than […]

DNA Testing basics

We all know that each one of us has a unique DNA pattern which we acquire from our biological parents. The DNA is the same as their genetic code and hence whenever a father wish to find out the paternity of their child, a DNA testing is conducted which will prove that the child is […]

What do we mean by DNA Testing

What do we mean by DNA testing? We all might have seen TV forensic shows’ conducting such test based on the blood samples, strand of hair, tooth brush etc. but mostly the test is undertaken to establish the paternity of a person. Paternity means that with this test, authorities will get the result whether the […]

Different types of DNA tests

DNA Testing centers help patients determine the biological relationship between two persons. Some of the main tests that are conducted through DNA are DNA paternity test, DNA genealogy test, Anthropology test, sibling DNA testing and other minor services such as DNA banking, DNA detective testing, ID services among others. This test is considered to be […]

Mar 18, How Autosomal DNA Testing Can Enlarge and Prove Your Family Tree

Autosomal DNA testing is a great new way to find your relatives. It can really dig deep through your family tree – up to 5 generations, and can be used by both males and females. There are two companies offering the test and have a large variety of DNA tests. Both companies give precise results, […]

The flood of relief I felt at that moment, and the power that came from the sense of not being alone, really did change my life ?

In late 1969, a couple of months away from delivering my first baby (my son, who is now 41), I was 25 years old, living out in the country suburbs of Boston 3,000 miles away from my family, with a husband who went off to Cambridge every weekday for work. It was a pretty lonely […]

OBOS was my midwife — always informative, always encouraging me to hear and express my own voice ?

In 1986 I was a senior in college, had just ended a relationship with my boyfriend who had anger management challenges from some unresolved issues in his past. Then I found out I was pregnant. My parents were very concerned with image — so this was not an event they were able to open their […]

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