All you wanted to know about home DNA testing kits

DNA is a molecule that is made up of a twisted spiral referred to as a double helix. DNA is present in the genes or chromosomes that lie within the nucleus of all cells of every living creature. Every single chromosome consists of a coiled DNA strand. In human beings the egg and the sperm both carry half the number of chromosomes that are needed for the formation of an embryo. In fact it is the chromosome measure that is undertaken in a DNA test.

Only a few years ago a visit to a hospital or laboratory was mandatory in order to have one’s DNA tested. But with the advent of home DNA testing kits, you can have a DNA test carried out at ease in the comfort of your own home. These home DNA testing kits allow a person to collect his or her own DNA sample, that too at a time and a place of his or her convenience.

The home DNA testing kit consists of all that is needed in order to collect a sample of the DNA. A Home DNA kit is made up of swabs – which are required for the collection of samples, an easy to follow instruction guide along with postage paid return envelope. All one needs to do is pack the samples in the return envelope and have it posted back to the lab. The actual testing will then be carried out at the lab and you can have the results mailed or couriered to you. You can even request the lab to keep the reports at the lab itself so that you can personally go and pick the report. The lab will generally take two to three days to test the sample and prepare the report. These DNA testing kits that are meant for home use cost anything between a hundred to a few hundred dollars depending on the manufacturing company.

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