A common man’s guide to the new age home DNA testing kits

Home DNA testing is gaining popularity by the day – reason for this is the assured privacy when one takes the test from the comfort of one’s home.

Advancement in technology has made the procedure of DNA testing far more accessible, affordable, easier, quicker and convenient than it ever was. With the introduction of home DNA kits, these tests can now be carried out in the privacy of one’s home. For a home DNA test, all what you need is to order for the testing kit via telephone or the internet, the kit will be couriered across to your address or you can even choose to have it picked from a lab office. Once you have got the kit home, you just need to follow the procedure as mentioned in the testing kit. After you complete the procedure, you need to mail the kit back across for analysis.

The procedure is fairly simple and easy to follow. The best thing about it is that it is completely painless – the home testing kit comes with three swaps in three different colors. All one needs to do is swipe each swap orally on the inside of the cheeks in order to get the cells needed for the test.

The person undertaking the test needs to understand that the cells are what contain the DNA and hence it is always mandatory to provide the number of samples that are asked for, as there need to be enough samples to get an accurate result. If the procedure is carried out properly, one can expect a complete, accurate and reliable test result in a few days. One can also access the reports of the test online through mail, through a telephone call or have it mailed through the post. Besides you can of course always go and have the reports picked personally from the lab.

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