Should you fear Paternity & DNA tests?


As per the NY times report, many people fear to ask their doctor for a DNA test although they are health conscious. It is because they suspect that they won’t get health insurance and even a job in case the report shows any genetic predisposition or they will find themselves in health discrimination. Some people often seek such service that would send them medical kit by which they can find out if there is any disease that ran in their family.

According to the doctors, some patients fear to learn if they are in the risk of disease like colon and breast cancer because these treatments are expensive and this is why they refuse for tests. In some cases, patients spend thousands of their own money for DNA tests. Although the expenses could be covered by insurance, they do it to avoid scrutiny. Anyway, if they have found that they are in the risk of any particular genetic condition, they often request their doctors not to mention this in their medical reports.

Most of the patients do that in the fear of health/genetic discrimination, but such discriminations should be rare in today’s society. But because of this fear, most of such patients are losing the ability to prevent and treat their genetic disease more effectively.

According to the employers, discrimination has already been prohibited by the Americans with existing laws of medical records, but employee rights advocates are telling that these laws do not apparently prevents the patients from high health care expenses.

Insurance providers say that they don’t ask for any kinds of genetic records, but the Health Policy Institute of Georgetown University has recently discovered that most of the insurance providers deny coverage or charge more or exclude some conditions from the coverage plan based on the genetic test results.

Many health professionals complain that most of the patients do not participate in DNA tests or delays cures and treatments because of these reasons. The same concern leads them to cancel the appointments for cancer tests, as a result growing the risk of having horrible disease like breast cancer.

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